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Three lines that changed the world

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1 Three lines that changed the world on Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:09 am


طالبـــة ابـــن منظـــور
طالبـــة ابـــن منظـــور
السلام عليكم

I just found this article by Hamza Tortzis about the 'inimitability of the shortest verse in the Qur'an.' سبحان الله

It is titled: Three Lines That Changed The World.

The writer goes into detail about the usage and different literary styles available in Language; the article talks of the reasons why many scholars have agreed that no-one yet has been successful in matching the literary masterpiece, that is Al-Qur'an.

إن شاء الله Someone may find the article of benefit:

مع السلامة

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