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Examination Format

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1 Examination Format on Sun Jul 05, 2009 5:43 am

Please find below information regarding the examination as well as some guidance points.


Every student will have to send a Statement of Declaration back to the institute in order to take receipt of the paper. There will be no examination paper sent for those students who fail to send this statement to us.

You will have 1 week in which to complete and submit the paper back to us for marking. Those scripts received after the 1 week deadline shall not be marked.

Students must not bring any material into the examination hall except for writing equipment and paper.

Dictionaries are NOT permitted in this examination.

The examination paper is 2 hours long in duration with 15 minutes reading time at the beginning. During this reading time, students are allowed to make notes (solutions) on the exam paper but MUST NOT write on the script that will submitted for marking.

Once the 15 minutes elapses, students can formulate their answers on fresh paper which will be submitted for marking.

The final question, will be a bonus question in which students can obtain marks lost in previous questions. Students are NOTpenalised for not attempting this question.


Results of the scripts submitted will be sent electronically to the emails provided on registration. These will be issued within 1 week of the final submission date.

You will be provided with two results.

These are the RAW mark and QUARTILE mark.

The RAW mark will be the percentage of the exam scored correctly.
The QUARTILE mark will represent how you scored in comparison to your peers.

For example, should you receive a RAW mark of 80% and be in the UPPER QUARTILE, this would mean you correctly answered 80% of the paper and are in the top 25% of the group.


You may appeal if you believe there has been a technical error. For example; the adding up of marks has been calculated incorrectly.

However, other appeals are not likely to succeed and thus are not likely to result in the changing of scores achieved.

Please do not reply to this post. Should you wish to ask a new question, please create a new topic.

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