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Worksheets - International Indian School, Dammam

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طالبـــة ابـــن منظـــور
طالبـــة ابـــن منظـــور
السلام عليكم

These Beginner - Intermediate Level worksheets/tests are courtesy of the International Indian School, Dammam. إن شاء الله working through them may be of some benefit:

Class IV:

Class V:

Class VI:

Class VII:

Class VIII:

Class IX:

مع السلامة

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طالبـــة ابـــن منظـــور
طالبـــة ابـــن منظـــور
Alhamdu lillah, these posts are proving to be well used.
I've been told that the links do not work, if you experience that,
please copy and paste into the web address area.

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