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The structure of lessons at The Institute of Ibn Manthoor

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طالبـــة ابـــن منظـــور
طالبـــة ابـــن منظـــور
The structure of lessons at The Institute of Ibn Manthoor


a) A genuine commitment to learning.
b) The ability to read the script.

Body of each taught lesson

1. Warm-up - This time is allocated for a run-down of the previous lesson's homework. It is also a means for a Teacher Assessment of the students' level of interaction; an opportunity to discuss mutual queries with constructive dialogue.

2. Presentation - The 50 minute interactive seminar gives students a chance to learn concepts through various examples. Students follow with ease from syllabus course notes which are emailed to them beforehand.

3. Controlled practice - a) Teachers ask questions regarding lesson content enabling them to monitor in the presence of the teacher whether students have understood detailed instructions and deduced grammatical structures effectively. b) There is a 10 minute Q&A session for students to pose questions regarding the lesson or their own general observations about .

4. Free practice - Homework is set and all questions are included in the lesson pack. Any new vocabulary which is needed for the completion of each task is pre-posted each week on the institute website to be memorised for the forthcoming lesson. All homework which is submitted by email before the next lesson is held, will be marked and returned inshAllah.

5. Reflection - This part of the lesson is at the teacher's discretion. An open-ended Balaaghah statement is introduced to students so that they attempt to reflect deeper into the higher dimensions of meaning; as these complex denotions appear in the very construct of grammar.

Interactive learning

Finally, feedback is very important. Our students have a Q&A forum created solely for the purpose of exploring their comprehension and to consolidate all taught lessons. Students are encouraged to ask further questions, email suggestions and post evaluations of their learning experiences.

The aim at Ibn Manthoor Institute is to provide an alternate delivery of knowledge, variation which veers away from surface memorisation and moves from teacher centered to student catered learning, inshAllah.

ابـــن منظـــور

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