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What is the difference between Taa Marbuta and Taa Maftuha

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Can taa marbuta and ta be used interchangeably as one can be changed to taa maftuha and the other cannot?Does it alter the meanings?

How is waaw (and) grammatically broken down?

In the vocabulary number 5 when describing how to say the kingdom of saudi arabia, the final vowel on saudi arabia should be majroor as it is the possessed? Is there a reason why it has been written as a dhamma?

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طالبـــة ابـــن منظـــور
طالبـــة ابـــن منظـــور

Taa marbuta cannot be exchanged to taa maftuha as the former is used with a specific purpose and indicates certain things i.e. taa marbutaa indicates an object is signular, it indicates femininity and when pausing on it we read it as a ه etc, whereas these rules do not necessarily apply to taa maftuha. The latter has its own objectives thus cannot be interchanged for taa marbuta.

و would be broken down as حرف العَطْفِ and is مبني على الفتحة

As for المملكةُ العربيةُ السعديةُ the latter two words although are translated as 'Kingdom of Saudi Arabia' are considered as adjectives probably more accurately translated as 'The saudi Arabaian Kingdom,' so the description is not in a possesive structure.

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