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Gramatical anaylsis for adverbials of time. Where is the khabar?

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1. In a sentence which indicates the time of whats being done, for example 'the man beat up the doctor yesteday' how would you gramatically breakdown the arabic word for yesterday, or in the sentence 'the two maternal uncles went to china last month' how would you breakdown the words last month.

In homework 5, the sentence 'the two boys sat on the 2 chairs', when gramatically breaking it down, what would indicate the khabar and also the arabic word for chair,would you indicate inthe breakdown that it is the object as well as the word after the preposotion.

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This has been answered already on another post. Can someone please provide a link here for the answer given.

Can moderators give evrey question title a proper title. ie from the title we should understand what the question is rather than it being called "revision questions"

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