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Book - Fundamentals of Classical Arabic

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1Book - Fundamentals of Classical Arabic Empty Book - Fundamentals of Classical Arabic on Thu Aug 20, 2009 1:37 pm


طالبـــة ابـــن منظـــور
طالبـــة ابـــن منظـــور
السلام عليكم

This is the full text of the book:

'Fundamentals of Classical Arabic is a series of practical, easy-to-read books that help students learn the difficult subjects of Arabic verb conjugation and grammar. Based on methodologies used by Islamic scholars for centuries, this series focuses on grasping short, understandable principles to steadily build a comprehension of the language. This first volume provides a framework for studying the Arabic language, introduces Arabic word patters, and covers the essentials of conjugating common verb and noun forms. Throughout the book, important concepts are explained in a lucid and concise manner. Tables provide a review of the concepts covered in each lesson, and the accompanying audio compact disc helps students memorize conjugations of common verb and noun patterns.'

Book - Fundamentals of Classical Arabic Fundam10

Part 1. Introduction: Fundamentals of Classical

Part 2. Mapping The Arabic Languages

Part 3. Introducing Arabic Words

Part 4. The Past Tense Verb

Part 5. The Present Tense Verb

Part 6. The Present Tense Verb in the State of Raf'a مرفوع

Part 7. The Present Tense Verb in the State of Nasb منصوب

Part 8. The Present Tense Verb in the State of Jazm مجزوم

Part 9. The Emphatic

Part 10. The Command

Part 11. The Prohibition

Part 12. The Active Participle

Part 13. The Passive Participle

Part 14. The Noun of Time and Place

Part 15. The Noun of Usage

Part 16. The Superlative Noun

Part 17. The Six Types of Verbs Form I

Part 18. Appendices

مع السلامة

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