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Examination Guidance

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1 Examination Guidance on Sun Jul 05, 2009 5:27 am

Below you will find some guidance on performing well in this examination diet as well as information about the exam system.

Examination Guidance

The examination has 7 parts to the paper with the final question being a bonus question.

The total marks of the first 6 parts totals 78 MARKS.
The bonus question is worth 5 MARKS.

The paper is out of 78 MARKS and thus students can obtain marks lost in previous questions in the bonus question. However, these bonus marks will be reduced if the student has already attained a high mark from the first 6 questions.

Candidates should not attempt the bonus question without attempting all previous questions first. This is because candidates are not penalised for not attempting the bouns question.

You will have 2 hours + 15 minutes reading time to complete the examination.
Candidates are not allowed to formuate their answers on the scripts that will be handed in for marking within the 15 minutes allocated to reading.

You should aim to spend about 1.5 minutes per mark.

The key to performing well in this examintaion is working through the paper in a consistent manner. If you do not know how to answer the question, it is best to move on. If you have time at the end you can return back to those questions you left out.

The examination will test your understanding of all taught lessons and thus candidates are advised to go through all the taught material before attempting to sit this paper.

Finally, DO NOT PANIC in the examination. This exam is designed to be difficult in nature compared to other exams and thus students should be aiming for around 60%.

Bonus question

Please find below the marking system of the bonus question.

The bonus question is worth at MAXIMUM 5 marks. This is to help those students that are struggling to obtain the pass mark of 50%.

However, these marks will be "capped" for those candidates who have already achieved more than 50% within the first 6 questions.

The capping is as follows (note that the % is on the first 6 questions);

Percentage --------- Maximum bonus marks allowed

0% - 49% ---------------------------- 5
50% - 59% -------------------------- 4
60% - 69% -------------------------- 3
70% - 79% -------------------------- 2
80% - 89% -------------------------- 1
90% - 100% ------------------------ 0

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