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RE: New Madinah Book 2 course starting

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الســــلام عليكــــم

We will be starting a new Madinah Book 2 course as mentioned in class. We will work through this book at a steady pace but I will as usual elaborate further where we see necessary and thus the onerous will be on the student to take notes and complete set homework. There will not be any resources sent from the institute. It will be a good continuation from LEVEL I APPLIED.

Though this course will focus on grammar (not found in Madinah Book 2) students, who have completed Madinah Book 1 and are STRONG in its understanding may come to the course though they will find it a challenge!

This course will go ahead subject to the confirmation of at least 4 individuals so you need to send an email confirming your interest. Please also make anyone that you know that might be interested in this course so that they may gain benefit from it.

The course will begin in around 2 weeks time iA.

The course will be half the price of the original IBN MANDHOOR COURSES. Thus, it will be £40 for 10 lessons. We may need more lessons than that to finish the course, but £4 per lesson is what the fees will be.

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